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National Catheter Education Programme

We offer interactive, educational training sessions to multi-professional audiences.

What We Do

Free Courses

Using animated videos we share good catheter practice to improve your confidence in dealing with common catheter related problems.
The sessions are interactive and feature direct input from Urology Specialists at St Peter’s Hospital.

Free Resources

We are a portal offering you a wealth of information in relation to catheters.
Our main focus is to improve staff confidence when dealing with catheterised patients by refreshing knowledge and providing simple guidance on how to overcome some of the most common catheter related issues.

Free Support

We are here to help you and  offer a comprehensive education package designed by a multi-professional team of urology experts which includes some practical skills as appropriate for your staff.


  • Caroline Hickey

    Caroline Hickey

    ” I have learnt a great deal at this course and I have changed my practice “

  • Paula Dias

    Paula Dias

    ” I really enjoyed the training session. Was well performed and the videos were very good. The contents were very interesting and very helpful for me as a nurse. “

  • Vicky Main

    Vicky Main

    ” The course was fantastic!!!
    Could you also add in female catheterisation as well as males? “

  • Usha Desai

    The catheter modules were all excellent and I certainly gained a lot of useful information. Please would you develop and create a similar module for intermittent catheters.

  • Joyce Sims

    Really good course, very well delivered – thank you. Learnt loads. I know it is basic but you might want to mention how csu’s are taken in the rarity that they are needed from a long term catheter – you can’t assume that people know to use the sampling port – you might be surprised.

  • Cheryl Thomas

    This course was very interesting and the power point presentation was put together well

  • Jennifer Graham

    I have learnt so much today, I work in clinical training freelance, and can’t wait to go out and deliver such key points . I also still work clinically so I will be able to explain more to my colleagues too. Thank you !

  • Angela Widdup

    A very informative session and a great presentation. Thank you !

  • Karolina Kluz

    Thank you, it was very nice and useful training.

  • Mollie Smith

    In my personal experience I feel I should have attended a “inserting a catheter course” before hand to get a better concept of the idea however I’m sure most professionals on the course would have already done this previously.

  • Ellen Scholz-Conway

    Extremely informative and very easy to understand

  • Adrian Broomhall

    The course was good it didn’t feel it was for 3 hours. Well presented !

  • Pauline Boughen

    Very hospital and male based. Catheter passports should be promoted as good practice as this is often the only information community nurses get.

  • Lindsay Hendrick

    I found the course so beneficial, and very educational. I learnt so much and feel I have developed my underlying foundation knowledge in catheters. The only think i would have liked was a handout or access to look over the slides again. Phillip delivered the course so well and made it really easy to understand. Invaluable information for all health care professionals. Thank you



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